The rehearsals are in full swing now
The applications have been sorted and the Cast selected. Now the hard work begins, REHEARSALS.
Ticket availability
Ticket availability
69th Show in January 2018.
 Date  Price Availability
Tue 9th 7:15pm £12.00  38 tickets 
Wed 10th 7:15pm £12.00  72 tickets 
Thu 11th 7:15pm £12.00  3 tickets 
Fri 12th 7:15pm £12.00  SOLD OUT! 
Sat 13th 2:15pm £12.00  SOLD OUT! 
Sat 13th 7:15pm £15.00  SOLD OUT!  
Availability list last updated 16th of December 2017    
** For waiting list... Email
All tickets are subject to availability. Fulfilment of ticket requests cannot be be guaranteed.
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A few of the numbers that we can say about the Harpenden Gang Show

Shows to date. The 69th show is currently in rehearsals
Young People have been on stage in the Cast.
We have calculated that approx. this No. of people have seen our Gang Show

Harpenden Gang Show

Is all about the Young People of the Harpenden and Wheathampstead District Scouts putting on each year a fresh and lively show. And dont they enjoy themselves.